Fifteen years ago, after four seasons, Star Trek: Enterprise was cancelled. Unlike the original series, where fans broadly agree it deteriorated with each season, Enterprise, rather like Next Generation, found its voice in the third season: it got better. When it was cancelled two story lines beckoned: how the Romulan War came about and how […]

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Prologue “Our minds to your mind.”

The lone hooded figure stood in the centre of the great hall. Torches flickered in the four corners illuminating the artistry which she was contemplating, taking in. She slowly circled around considering the strange but beautiful hieroglyphs and reliefs that offered the most profound, most ancient truths and legends of the planet. She stood alone […]

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Act 1 : Chapter 1 : Romulus

Location: Imperial Senate, Romulus Year 2155.102 As Senator Vrax moved toward the floor of the Senate he had to admit he was a little nervous. Failure, or even perceived failure, amongst Romulans was treated harshly. This was a society that dealt in absolutes in pursuit of the doctrine of “Unlimited Expansion.” He knew he had […]

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Chapter 2 : Recovery

Location: Military Assault Commander Operations, San Francisco Year : 2156.70 They had been circling each other for three minutes. Neither was prepared to make a move. Judo was as much a mental as a physical discipline and each of them was looking for a way in, a way to take their opponent down, outwitting the […]

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Chapter 3: Discovery

Location: The Forge, Vulcan Year 2156.65 The lone hooded figure looked out across the harsh unforgiving desert. A flat featureless expanse as far as the eye could see. The only relief, a single Mesa. She had reached the furthest edge of the Sas-A-Shar, known to humans as The Forge. She had been traversing The Forge, […]

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Chapter 4 Unexpected Visitors

Location : Yukon Territory, Canada Year 2156.90 Private Tucker looked at the fast moving river. He checked his mobile topographic analysis and made a decision, “Sergeant, we are crossing here. We will link arms for stability and I will check the depth as we move across. Please follow my instructions.” He took one final look […]

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Chapter 5 Changing States.

Location : Sausalito, Late Afternoon. Star date: 2156.91 They were sat at their favourite table in the Spinnaker, overlooking the Bay. Both of them had changed so they were gently incognito. Amanda had her hair tied back with a cap on. Trip wore a fleece, jeans and a baseball cap. As soon as the owners […]

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Chapter 6 The Journey

Location: Enterprise. Trip’s Quarters. Day 2 Onboard 0825 hours. Trip checked himself in the mirror. Comfortable ankle trainers, light brown slacks, a collarless off-white wrap over shirt and dark tan-coloured jacket fitted with a lose wrap over single-sided lapel. But the real surprise was the black rimmed glasses. Trip usually wore artificial lenses but knowing […]

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Chapter 7 Vulcan

Location: Enterprise Bridge Final Day: 1200. Trip stepped on to the Bridge and looked around. Hoshi noticed him out of the corner of her eye and they winked at each other. T’Pol was standing to the left of the Captain who was sat in his Command Chair, their eyes both fixed on the viewing screen […]

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Act 2 Chapter 8 Letters

Location: Vulcan Suurok Class Battle Cruiser, Ti’Mir. Year 2156.275 Six Months Later Captain Vanik watched the Viewing Screen intently. Whilst he had served the Vulcan Space Programme for eighty one years, this situation was new to him. He was studying the screen for something he knew he would not be able to see. What he […]

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