Chapter 9 Romulus II

Location: Vulcan Suurok Class Battle Cruiser, Ti’Mir Year: 2156.275 Captain Yanik stood looking at Emissary and her Companion and, despite being a veteran Vulcan commander, his lips turned upwards, suggesting a smile. “It is five years since we first met. My recollection was you both had a desire to reach out, to recognise and explore […]

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Chapter 10 The Senate

Location: The Romulan Senate. The Next DayYear : 2156.276 T’Pol stood waiting on the edge of the Senate floor, ready to speak. She was there on behalf of Vulcan and Terra to urge the Romulans to find the path to peace. Whilst the introductions were being made, she took the chance to take in her […]

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Chapter 11 Incarceration

PART I Location : UnknownThe Next Day Year 2156.277 Trip came round and took in his surroundings. He was sat leaning against a wall. His legs bent up in front of him. All he had on were his MACO skivvies, he grabbed the blanket on the floor and wrapped himself in it. The cell was […]

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Chapter 12 Intervention

Trip Day 9 2156.285Location: Trip’s Cell 0900 His eyelids flickered open. He was lying on the floor, his head turned to the left looking at the entrance to the cell, the door was open. His hands were free and he tried to move them to give him support to lift himself. He was too weak, […]

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Chapter 13 Imperfect Memory

Amanda Location Romulus: Upper Stratosphere Altitude 50 KilometresYear 2160.250 The In-Helmet Monitor offered guidance every fifteen seconds. So far, so good. There were no proximity alerts: also good. The readouts for the two coming in behind her were fine, life signs good. As she shot down through the stratosphere her hands and feet splayed, buffeted […]

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Chapter 14 Cheron

Amanda Location: Endeavour Cheron System Year 2160.340 1200 hours 3 hours before Amanda looked up at Captain Hernandez on the gantry. All the crew had been asked to gather; the Cargo Bay was packed. Amanda noticed Malcolm in front of her and some of the original Engine Room crew from Enterprise. Around her, all her […]

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Chapter 16 Blissful Ignorance

Location : Restaurant Hotel Le Cep. Trip ordered the Comté Cheese Soufflé and Beef Bourguignon, T’Pol Bouillon de Plomeek and Mollusque Géant. “Not a very vegetarian choice.” Trip looked at her, “T’Pol, in case you hadn’t noticed, I have lost a good deal of my body weight. Protein and fat are important right now.” They […]

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Chapter 17 La Barre

Location : Hotel Le Cep, The Next Morning Madam Bouvier and the staff that had got to know them, came to wish their two unusual guests ‘bon voyage’. Everyone involved knew this had been an event ‘extraordinaire’ and, as always with the best hospitality, were exceptionally discreet. Unusually, Madam Bouvier was more circumspect and, for […]

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Chapter 18 Future Imperfect

Location : Chateau PicardYear : 2389 “Now, is it was one or two rooms?” Trip, decisive, “Two.” “Give me ten minutes and they will be ready.” Neither Trip or T’Pol were in the mood to simply sit waiting. They walked off the terrace, turned to the left and walked round the Lake. “He’s clearly done […]

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