Chapter 19: In Equal Measure

Location: Chateau PicardYear 2389One Month Later Trip ran the diagnostics for the third time. He checked the airflow on the filters, the pressure level of the Pneumatic Actuators, the air quality and density of the Turbines and finally the Fuel Injectors, which he had re-calibrated. Everything was fine. He was ready to run a test […]

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Chapter 20 – The Golden Age

Location: Mount Seleya Year 2450 (Sixty One Years Later) Elizabeth reached for the hand on her face, set it down by the side of her companion, stood up and looked around the Hall of Contemplation. The two of them occupied a small intimate space within the Hall but she looked beyond them to the wall […]

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Epilogue: Kyoto

Location: Kyoto, Japan8 Months Later He was wearing an earpiece connected to his Mapping data, so knew he was close. He walked down the paved street. In the distance, a Pagoda and either side, wood block boundary fencing. The fencing was not uniform, each property had used the same wood, creating tonal harmony, but each […]

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Postscript Elizabeth’s Question

Location: Mountain Summit SeleyaYear 2450 “One last thing, mother?” T’Pol looked at her daughter, “Do your questions never end, child, or is this your father’s curiosity, burned into your being.” Elizabeth gently laughed, “You knew this would come to pass: he would die and you would go on?” T’Pol walked slowly toward the Gong picked […]

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Over view When I began designing the outline for the story, three story drivers emerged: The discovery of the Kir’Shara and its affect on Vulcan Society and it’s relationship with the outside world. The revelation at the end of that story arc that the Romulans were in league with the disgraced Vulcan High Council. Commander […]

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